Business Documentation, Cyber Security Awareness, Official Microsoft Certification's all accessible via the Appdopt platform.

Business Documentation

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It can be tiresome searching for industry specific documents in relation to your department, project or based on tasks that you need to complete. With Appdopt you can download and use a variety of business documents (Office) in relation to your role.

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Cyber Security Training

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Use our key business capability focused on Cyber Awareness and Cyber Security, aimed at your end users, so they can simply watch and learn about topics like; malware, viruses, GDPR, email hacking and more – making users more Cyber Aware.

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TOSA Certification
for MS Office

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Certify users on the Microsoft Office suite, as we provide a capability for structured learning across, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook- allowing users to learn through Appdopt and then simply take the test to become TOSA certified, which is globally recognised.

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"We wanted to create a very specific learning path for our end users, which could be easily accessed online. We deliver face to face training to large organisations, however we wanted to offer a solution 'pre' and 'post' training. Appdopt's capabilities worked perfectly, as we worked with Appdopt to create the resources we wanted our end users to access, which they integrated into their library of content, giving us the ability to provide a companion application to our clients and track/measure their learning."
Testimonial by Bob Barker
Bob Barker
Leading Edge Forum

What is a Capability?

A structured set of resources tailored to your business - for your end users.

A capability can be made up of documents or different elements of rich media, we then create a user journey which you can tailor to your business. For example with our Microsoft certification training, you are provided with a structured learning path for key applications. This features means you can provide learning based on role, department, business initiative, for onboarding and so many more scenarios across your business.

We can create, customise and integrate
capabilities for your business

Lets discuss your learning goals and show you how this feature can help your users.
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