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Improve the growth and efficiency of your organisation by leveraging our library of business frameworks and analysis tools.


It can be tiresome searching for industry specific documents in relation to your project, tasks or on onboarding that you need to complete. Appdopt provide you access to a variety of business documents in relation to your role.

Whether it’s assessing risk, selecting a technology vendor, or carrying out a presentation, countless organisations have gone through the same work you are about to undertake. It is very likely, experts have already developed templates and leading practices for the project—and you can find these materials in our library.

Our business documents library varies from Change Management, Digital transformation strategy, Accounting templates, Project Management documents and more. Are you about to carry out a large project in the business? You could use the Project Management templates to get started.

We have a variety of documents on demand, and if there’s something missing then let us know and we can add them to your dashboard.

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Business Template benefits

Our business documents library is a must for all employees across the organisation at different levels. Too much time is being wasted on searching for industry templates- when you can simply use Appdopt.
Save time

Save time, instead of searching the internet, use our search bar to look for a document.


Use up to date templates which are used in large organisations to ensure compliance.

Resourceful library

Use the library as a resource when kick starting a project, provide yourself with all the necessary tools.

Downloadable content

Download the documents direct to your desktop & request further resources from the Appdopt team.

Business Document library

Access documents for your business instantly
Image module

Access Accounting documents used day to day within the industry.

Image module
Change Management

Access to Change management documents & templates.

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Digital Transformation

This module will provide you with access to digital transformation templates.

Image module
Performance Management

Ensure you and the team can carry out training and assessments correctly.

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Presentation Development

We provide you with tools to prepare for your presentations.

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Project Development

Access templates that will help you get started when carrying out projects.

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Risk Management

Access documents & templates that will assist you when assessing risk.

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