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Cyber Security Awareness training is a must for any organisation committed to addressing the increasing risks associated with Cyber Attacks. Since 2017 there has been a 30% increase in new Cyber Attacks on businesses.

Our Cyber Security training provides you with the basics & more, we make training engaging & fun, and most importantly its quick! Your team can work through numerous modules and become more aware of the risks and how to best tackle them in minutes.

We combine illustrations and voice overs, to simulate work scenarios making it more realistic when it comes to the threats and risks users should be aware of.

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Cyber Awareness benefits

Our Cyber security training has been created for employees across the whole organisation as we cover topics like GDPR and much more.
Lower the risk of A Cyber Attack

Ensure Employees are aware of Cyber risks. This will keep your business secure.

Compliance with Cyber Regulations

You will be complying with industry standards to ensure your employees are trained.

Bitesize Cyber Security learning

Use Appdopt so that your employees can learn at their own leisure.

Cyber Security Module variety

We cover a range of content that will benefit all employees across the organisation.

Cyber Security Module Library

Access 100's of videos on Cyber security instantly
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Module 1
Introduction to Cyber Security
Explore essentials of Cyber Security as well as the risk
to your Business.
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Module 2
Understanding Cyber Threats & terminology
Understanding what a firewall is and how to manage
it within the organisation.
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Module 3
Your Cyber Security Responsibilities
Ensuring you feel confident with Cyber Security and
how to follow best practices.
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Module 4
Managing Cyber Security Online
How to apply good practice when online, and
applying this to devices.
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Module 5
Managing Cyber Security in Email
Explore different emails such as Spam Emails and Phishing

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Module 6
Managing Cyber Security on your Devices
Your devices could be hacked if not protected and used in the correct way.
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Module 7
Using Public Cloud Storage Platforms
We explore cloud Storage Platforms & other storage devices that could be at risk.
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Module 8
Understanding Cyber Security & legislation
Understand different Legislations and how they can effect your business.
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Module 9
Understanding the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
Explore GDPR Legislations and data protection.

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Module 10
Understanding Cyber Essentials
Learn what you need to know before you take your Cyber Essentials training.

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