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Assess your skills and become certified in Excel, Word, Outlook & PowerPoint.


Appdopt have partnered with certification provider Isograd to provide you and your employees with a TOSA certification.

TOSA is the standard in IT skills assessment and certification. It covers desktop applications (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook).

Simply learn through Appdopt and then take a test to become certified. With the tests you can assess the proficiency level of a user for a particular Office applications. The adaptive test methods used and the operational approach of the questions will match the needs of different users types (students, employees, future recruits) and for any type of situation (recruitment, training).

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Are you looking to…

Assess skills of your candidates or upskill current employees.
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Hire the Right Candidate

With TOSA certification, ensure that your candidates master desktop applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook). You will also receive detailed reports on your users skills and level.

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Validate Employee Skills

Access an accurate overview of employees skills and identify their training needs. Then progress their skills further with the Digital Skills Certification Exams.

How does the Microsoft Certification work?

Become TOSA certified in 4 easy steps
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Step 1

Employee takes initial assessment to benchmark their skills.

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Step 2

Learn the technology through Appdopt, we provide different levels of training.

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Step 3

Employee takes final test after training has been completed.

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Step 4

Become TOSA certified, which is recognised by Microsoft, Linkedin & more.

Who is the Microsoft Certification for?

TOSA certification is useful for users who will be dealing with Microsoft applications on a daily basis.

Hire the best candidates or identify your training needs across the organisation.


Optimise your Microsoft Office courses and improve student employability.

Training centre

Determine your students’ current skill level and tailor your training.

Appdopt User

Simply learn the technology through Appdopt and take your assessment.

Microsoft Certification Library

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Excel in spreadsheets and learn more tips and tricks that ensure productivity and progress.
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Become an Outlook expert and learn new skills to help you become certified in this technology.
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Upskill your team through PowerPoint training and become certified. Ensure progress & productivity.
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Microsoft Word's features are constantly changing, keep your employees up to date. Track progress & learning.
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Access 100’s of Microsoft Office Training videos to prepare yourself.

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