Our Services

With so much experience of delivering applications and dealing with technology, we have a number of supporting services that we feel can help your business and your digital journey.

Learning Content Services

We focus on the creation of content based on your specific needs, as you may need tailored learning based on certain set of users or perhaps you have a volume of content, that we can help structure, enhance and host for you.

Custom Digital eLearning

Learning content "just for your business"

When you need content that specific to your users or end customers, we can work with you to create Custom Learning Content, that’s short, sharp and very engaging.

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Your Technology & Processes
We create learning based on your specific technology applications and the business process you want your users to adhere to, getting your people on the same page.
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New Software Launches
We work with you to ensure you have killer content that’s communicated effectively, to help your users adopt any new software you maybe deploying, like Microsoft Office 365.
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Use Case & Scenarios
When you have specific uses cases and scenarios for groups of users, we can develop simple learning to ensure that you can overcome any digital challenges.

Our flexible custom content packages are based on the volume of content required:


Content Details




Typical Examples


Looking to provide content on a specific part of an application or process.



15 mins

Reducing IT support requests of tickets


Focusing on a number of key user journeys through your application or business process.



45 mins

Helping to roll out new software to employees


For those businesses who have customised their business systems.



1hr 15 mins

Part of a blended learning service offering


When you want to replace or provide an entire training course to users.



2hr 30 mins

Onboarding for new employees

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Hosting Your Content

We "get your content out" to your users

You may have content you have already created or you simply don’t have a mechanism in which to push your content out to your users – don’t worry, as we are here help.

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Content Ready Templates
Use our ready made templates, to structure your content ready for quick upload into the Appdopt platform, so your users can start consuming learning instantly.
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External Resources
Link to key external resources that you have prepared or shortlisted, so anything from external sites or blogs all trackable and held side by side with our leaning.
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Review, Structure & Present
We take the headache away from you and review your content and structure this into a microlearning format ready for you feedback and approval before its hosted on Appdopt.

Your first 500MB of content is FREE:

All costs for this service are priced on the volume of content that’s needed to be uploaded to our platform and hosted for employee consumption. We do not charge on bandwidth, simply the time it will take to structure, format and present content.

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Strategy Engagement Services

Our engagement services allow us to quickly align to your business, assess your digital needs, provide recommendations and support you to make decisions and equip your teams with the digital skills they need.

Learning Strategy

Alignment with your business like "Learning as a Service"

Our ‘pay as you go’ model for learning is compelling for new customers who don’t want to impact their expenditure, but need a flexible platform to push out digital learning and be able to quickly reap the business benefits.

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Platform Customisation
We customise our platform to suit your business, with your key messages, learning paths and capabilities ensuring your users have a tailored experience.
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Learning Roadmaps
We can create strategic learning roadmaps based on your technology landscape, ensuring that we structure campaigns across a fixed period of time for your users.
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Adopt & Evolve
Working in this way, allows us to create tailored learning modules to suit your business and a customised platform, so learning evolves around your employees skills.

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Digital Strategy

No business is too small for "CIO as a Service"

If you’re looking for technology expertise, strategic digital planning for your business or straight forward advice that ensures you are informed and well equipped for the next step on your digital journey, than this service is for you!

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Technical Facilitation
About to make some key digital decisions, let us help facilitate your discussions and ensure we provide a meaningful playback allowing you to choose the best way forward.
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Digital Process Improvement
Let us review your internal digital processes and provide a set of recommendations, of how technology, can be used to support your business productivity.
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Digital Transformation Planning
We can help prepare specifications and reports, review your supplier proposals or actually assist in the technology and supplier selection process.

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