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Autotask Workplace

Module 1

Getting Started with Autotask Workplace

  • An Overview of Autotask Workplace
  • Autotask Workplace terminology
  • The Autotask Workplace Interface
  • Accessing the Online Portal
  • Add Autotask Workplace to your Desktop
  • Starting and Quitting the Desktop Application
  • Your Local Sync Folder
Module 2

Working with Projects

  • Your First Project - ‘Personal Documents’
  • Adding a File to your Personal Documents
  • Adding a new Folder to Personal Documents
  • Creating a New Project
  • Sharing a Project
  • Deleting a Project
  • Project Notifications
Module 3

Working with Folders & Files

  • Viewing a file through the Online Portal
  • Editing Files
  • Deleting Folders & Files
  • Moving Folders & Files
  • Searching Folders & Files
  • Favourites
  • Recent Changes
Module 4

Collaborating with Autotask Workplace

  • The Importance of Locking Documents
  • Using Comments
  • Sharing Content with Team Members
  • Sharing Content with a Public Link
  • Sharing Content via Email
Module 5

Settings, Versions, Backups, and Remote Access

  • Adjusting Sync Settings
  • Using Version History
  • Restore or Undelete Content
  • Using Backups to restore a Device or Folder
  • Remotely Accessing your Device
Module 6

Using Autotask Workplace on Mobile

  • Setting up your Mobile Device with Autotask
  • The Mobile Interface and Dashboard
  • Syncing a Project to your Mobile Device
  • Searching in the Mobile App
  • Creating & Deleting content in the Mobile App
  • Locking & Editing Files in the Mobile App
  • Sharing Content in the Mobile App
  • Using Comments in the Mobile App
  • Annotating Documents in Autotask
Module 7

Troubleshooting Autotask Workplace

  • I’m having trouble deleting a project…
  • My Desktop application is not syncing…
  • My sync speed is too slow…
  • I’ve moved a file and/or folder and my settings have changed…
  • A file I recently edited isn’t showing in the ‘Recently Edited’ dashboard…
  • Workplace Online or Mobile isn’t showing a document preview…