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Module 1

Getting Started with Box

  • Accessing Box
  • Uploading a File
  • New Files in Box
  • Sharing & Syncing Files
  • Team Collaboration in Box


Module 1

Getting Started with Dropbox

  • Accessing Dropbox
  • Uploading A File
  • Sharing A File
  • Syncing A File
Module 2

The Basics of Using Dropbox

  • Accessing Dropbox
  • Uploading A File
  • Sharing A File
  • Syncing A File
  • Creating A Folder Structure
  • Creating A Dropbox Link
  • Checking Sharing Settings
  • Checking Folder Requests
  • Deleting Folders
  • Moving Folders
Module 3

Using Dropbox for Android

  • Overview Of Dropbox For Android
  • Downloading Dropbox For Android
  • Logging In To Dropbox For Android
  • Syncing A New File
  • Creating A Folder
  • Sharing A File
  • Managing Notifications
  • Viewing Recently Accessed Files
  • Unlinking A Dropbox Account
Module 4

Using Dropbox for Desktop

  • Overview Of Dropbox For Desktop
  • Downloading Dropbox For Desktop
  • Adding A Quick Access Option For Dropbox In File Explorer
  • Syncing Dropbox For Desktop
  • Stopping Individual Folders From Downloading
  • Viewing Recently Accessed Files
  • Managing Desktop Notifications
  • Checking Remaining Account Space
  • Opening Dropbox Online From Desktop
  • Unlinking A Dropbox
Module 5

Managing Folder Permissions

  • Overview Of Permission Types
  • Setting View Only Permissions
  • Updating Existing Permissions
  • How To View Permissions On A Folder
  • Changing Ownership Of A Folder
  • Managing File Conflicts
  • Sharing Folder Invitation Limits
  • Avoiding Sharing Errors
  • Deleting A Shared Folder
Module 6

Using Dropbox Paper

  • Overview Of Dropbox Paper
  • Logging Into Dropbox Paper
  • Using Dropbox Paper Templates
  • Changing Permissions On A Template
  • Creating A Folder Structure
  • Filing Documents Into Folders
  • Archiving Folders
  • Downloading Documents From Dropbox Paper
  • How To Check For Any Document Changes
  • Overview Of Dropbox Paper App For Android