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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Module 1

Introduction to Cyber Security

  • What Is Cyber Security?
  • Why Should I Care About Cyber Security?
  • What Is A Cyber Attack?
  • Who Are Cyber Attackers?
  • How Do Cyber Attacks Happen?
  • What Could A Data Breach Cost?
  • How Could I Defend Against Basic Cyber Attacks?
Module 2

Understanding Cyber Threats & terminology

  • What Is Malware?
  • What Is A Virus?
  • What Is Encryption?
  • What Is Ransomware?
  • What Is A Rootkit?
  • What Is Phishing?
  • What Is A Data Breach?
  • What Is A Firewall?
  • What Happens When My Computer Is Infected With Malware?
  • What Steps Should I Take If I Think My Computer Is Infected?
Module 3

Your Cyber Security Responsibilities

  • How To Set A Strong Computer Password
  • Understanding Password Good Practices
  • How To Check Your Firewall Is Active
  • How To Make Sure Your Computer Is Receiving The Latest Windows Updates
  • How To Make Sure Your Work Computer Is Protected When Using It On Public Networks
  • How To Prevent Macros From Automatically Running In Microsoft Office
  • How To Check If Your Software Is Up To Date
  • Hardware Responsibilities
  • Using Removable Media
  • Understanding Information Security
  • Responsibilities Of A Data Protection Officer
Module 4

Managing Cyber Security Online

  • How To Manage Cyber Security When Using An Internet Browser
  • How To Manage Cyber Security When Creating/Using Passwords In Online Forms
  • How To Manage Cyber Security When You Need To Divulge Bank/Card Details
  • How To Block Adverts In Your Internet Browser
  • Good Practice When Downloading Software
  • What Is A Security Certificate On A Website?
  • How To Amend Security Settings On My Internet Browser
  • What Are Cookies And Should I Allow Them?
Module 5

Managing Cyber Security in Email

  • How To Recognise Spam Emails
  • How To Recognise Attachments That Could Contain Malware
  • What To Do If You Have Opened A Suspicious Attachment
  • How To Encrypt A File Before Sending
  • How To Password Protect A File Before Sending
  • How To Add An Email Address To Your Spam List
Module 6

Managing Cyber Security on your Mobile Phone or Tablet

  • How To Encrypt Your Handset/Tablet
  • How To Password Protect On Android
  • How To Password Protect On Apple
  • How To Use Password Vaults
  • How To Stop Your Phone Browser Saving Information
  • How To Stop Your Phone From Saving Password Information
  • How To Reduce What Installed Applications Can Access
  • How To Install Antivirus Software On Your Phone/Tablet
  • How To Check That Your Antivirus Software Is Set To Update Automatically
  • How To Make Sure Your Antivirus Is Performing Daily Scans
Module 7

Using Public Cloud Storage Platforms

  • What Is A Cloud Storage Platform?
  • What Kind Of Information Should I Be Storing In The Cloud?
  • How Do I Know My Information Is Secure?
  • How Do I Find Out How Secure The Cloud Platform Is?
  • What Is Safeharbour?
Module 8

Understanding Cyber Security/Information Security Legislation

  • The Data Protection Act (1998)
  • The Data Protection (Processing Of Sensitive Personal Data) Order 2000.
  • The Computer Misuse Act (1990)
  • The Health And Safety At Work Act (1974)
  • The Public Interest Disclosure Act (1998)
  • Human Rights Act (1998)
  • Regulation Of Investigatory Powers Act (2000)
  • Freedom Of Information Act (2000)
Module 9

Understanding the General Data Protection Regulations

  • Overview of the GDPR
  • What Are the Main Changes I Need to Be Aware Of?
  • What Does the Increase to Territorial Scope Actually Mean?
  • What Are the Changes to Consent?
  • What Is the Right to Access?
  • What Is Data Erasure?
  • What Is Data Portability?
  • What Is Privacy by Design?
  • What Are the Changes to Data Protection Officer Requirements?
Module 10

Understanding Cyber Essentials

  • Overview of Cyber Essentials
  • What Is the Point of Having the Cyber Essentials Certification?
  • What Is the Difference Between Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance?
  • What Is the Advantage of Having IASME Governance?
  • What Is Cyber Essentials Plus?
  • I Am Thinking About Doing IASME, What Do I Need to Look at Internally to Prepare?
  • I Am Thinking About Doing Cyber Essentials, What Do I Need to Look at Internally to Prepare?