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Microsoft Office 365

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Module 1

Getting Started with Calendar

  • Navigate the Calendar App
  • Schedule a New Event
  • Modify or Cancel an Event
  • Share and View Calendars
  • Change the Appearance of your Calendars


Module 1

Getting Started with Delve

  • Navigate the Delve App
  • Discover New Content
  • Group and Share Content
  • Add Content to Your Favourites
  • View and Edit Your Profile
  • Search for People and Content
  • Create a Blog Post

Dynamics 365

Module 1

Getting Started with Dynamics 365

  • Overview of Dynamics 365
  • How Data is Organised
  • Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities
  • Cases Explained
  • The Importance of a Business Process
  • Navigating Dynamics 365
  • Viewing and Sorting Records
  • Using Quick Search
  • Recently Viewed Items and Viewing Related Records
  • Entering and Saving Records
Module 2

Dashboards and Data

  • Dashboards Overview
  • Drilling into Dashboard Data
  • Explore Dashboard Layouts
  • Set Your Default Dashboard Layout
  • Creating Your Own Dashboard
  • Adding Charts and Views to Your Own Dashboard
  • Importing Data into CRM
  • Exporting CRM Data
Module 3

Notes, Tasks and CRM Activities

  • Activities and Views
  • Adding an Activity Against a Record
  • Adding an Activity For Yourself
  • Attaching a Document to a Note or Task
  • Marking Activities as Complete
  • Activities Best Practices
Module 4

Nurturing Leads in the Sales Process

  • Out of the box Sales Stages
  • Disqualifying a Lead
  • Re-opening Leads
  • Qualifying a Lead
  • Assign a Lead
  • Adding Activities to a Lead
Module 5

Working with Opportunities

  • Overview of an Opportunity
  • Creating new Opportunities
  • Adding Products
  • Adding Activities to an Opportunity
  • Adding Stakeholders
  • Closing an Opportunity as Won or Lost
  • Create a Quote

Excel Online

Module 1

Getting Started with Excel Online

  • Navigate the Excel Online App
  • Create a New Workbook
  • Add Content to Your Workbook
  • Share and Collaborate on Your Workbook
  • Print and Download Your Workbook
Module 2


  • What Data Really Looks Like
  • Applying Formatting to a Cell
  • Text vs Numerical Data
  • Formatting Dates
  • Working with Currencies
  • Formatting Percentages
Module 3

Core Functions

  • Equals and Targeting Cells
  • Functions vs Formulas
  • Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication and Division
  • Components of a Function
  • Sum and Average Function
  • More than One Function In a Cell
  • Function in Another Function (Nested Functions)
  • Absolute References ($ Signs)
Module 4

Conduct Surveys

  • Overview of Surveys
  • Creating and Sharing a Survey
  • Different Question Types
  • Analysing Your Responses
  • Analysing with Pivot Tables


Module 1

Overview of Microsoft Flow

  • What is Microsoft Flow
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Overview of Available Flow Templates
  • Overview of Flow Approvals
  • Overview of Flow Connectors
Module 2

Understanding Flows

  • What is a Flow
  • What is a Building Block
  • Connecting to Services
  • Understanding Triggers and Actions
  • Understanding Conditions and Loops
  • Using Flows to Copy and Move Files
  • Using Flows to Collect Data
  • Using Flows for Approval Requests
Module 3

Building New Flows

  • Build a New Flow From Scratch
  • Build a New Flow From a Template
  • Building a Team Flow
  • Share Your Flow or Submit As a Template
  • Setting Flow Notifications
Module 4

Manage Flows via the Mobile App and Web Portal

  • Overview of the Mobile App
  • Creating New Flows via the App
  • The Mobile App Activity Screen
  • Disabling and Re-enabling Flows
  • Editing and Deleting Flows
  • Investigating the Flow Run History
Module 5

Business Case Scenario with Microsoft Flow

  • Overview of the Business Case Scenario
  • Create Building Blocks with Service Connectors
  • Configure the Service Connectors
  • Test and Run the Flow
  • Check the Flow on a Mobile Device
  • Manage the Flow with Owners


Module 1

Getting Started with Mail

  • Navigating the Mail App
  • Composing and Sending Emails
  • Read and Respond to Emails
  • Organise Your Inbox
  • Find a Specific Email
  • Create an Email Signature

OneDrive for Business

Module 1

Getting Started with OneDrive

  • Navigate the OneDrive App
  • Upload a File
  • Sync and Access
  • View and Update Files
  • Organise and Search
  • Share Your Files
Module 2

Edit, Save and Sharing

  • Navigation in a Library
  • Working with Document Storage Locations
  • Open and Edit a Document
  • Save a Document in a Library
  • Upload or Create a Document in a Library
  • Share a File, Library or Site
  • Use Check Out and Check In
  • Sync OneDrive to your Computer

OneNote Online

Module 1

Getting Started with OneNote Online

  • Navigate the OneNote Online App
  • Create a New Page
  • Add Content to Your Page
  • Share and Print Your Page
Module 2

Managing OneNote Online

  • Sections and Pages
  • Entering and Editing Information
  • Checking Spelling in Online Notebooks
  • Formatting Online OneNote Page Contents
  • Tagging Online OneNote Page Contents
  • Inserting Pictures and Clip Art
  • Creating Tables in the OneNote Online App
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Opening Online Files in the OneNote Client


Module 1

Getting Started with Planner

  • Understanding the Interface
  • The Planner Hub
  • Using the Board View
  • Using the Charts View
  • Using the Notebook View
Module 2

Working with Plans

  • Creating a New Plan
  • Managing Plan Membership
  • Adding Buckets to the Plan
  • Monitoring a Plans Progress
  • Keeping up to Date with a Plan
Module 3

Structure a Plan with Tasks

  • Creating a New Task
  • Updating a Task
  • Organise Tasks with Buckets and Colours
  • Checklists Within Tasks
  • Managing Your Own Tasks

Power BI

Module 1

Power BI Desktop Basics

  • Installing & Launching the Desktop App
  • Power BI Data Sources
  • Connecting to an Excel Data Source
  • Transforming Data
  • Adding Custom Columns
  • Cleaning Up Data
  • Creating Visualisations
  • Formatting Chart Visuals
  • Publishing to the Power BI Service
  • Sharing Reports
Module 2

Power BI & Excel

  • Activating Power Tools in Excel
  • Importing Excel Data Table
  • Creating Power View Sheet Excel
  • Importing Excel Models Power View
  • Loading Data Using Power Query
  • Power Pivot Large Data Source
  • Power Map Examples
Module 3

Power BI Online

  • Power BI Online vs Desktop
  • Uploading Excel Data File
  • Creating Visualisation
  • Adding New Data Point
  • Format Data Values
  • Apply Advanced Filtering
  • Saving Sharing Report
  • Using Quick Insights
  • Power BI QA Searches
Module 4

Dashboards in Power BI

  • Creating a New Dashboard
  • Adding Interactivity to Dashboard
  • Pinning To Dashboard
  • Drill Through Features
  • Publishing Visualisations
  • Refreshing Data
  • Surfacing Power BI in PowerPoint

PowerPoint Online

Module 1

Getting Started with PowerPoint Online

  • Navigate the PowerPoint Online App
  • Create a New Presentation
  • Add Content to Your Presentation
  • Share and Collaborate on Your Presentation
  • Print and Download Your Presentation
Module 2

PowerPoint Online Fundamentals

  • Choosing a Theme
  • Working with Layouts
  • Adding and Formatting Text
  • Adding Pictures
  • Using Smart Art
  • Animating Objects
  • Creating Slide Transitions
  • Presenting Your Slide Show
  • Co-authoring in PowerPoint Online
  • Commenting on Presentations


Module 1

Getting Started with SharePoint

  • Navigating SharePoint
  • SharePoint Versions
  • Searching SharePoint Sites
  • Libraries and Lists
  • Views
Module 2

SharePoint Sites

  • Creating Sites
  • Team Site Overview
  • Managing Site Navigation
  • Creating Subsites
  • Navigating Between Sites and Subsites
Module 3

SharePoint Lists

  • Creating Apps Using List Templates
  • Creating Lists
  • Creating Lists Using List Templates
  • List Columns
  • Creating List Columns
  • Column Validation
  • Validating a List Column
Module 4

SharePoint Libraries

  • Library Templates
  • Creating Libraries
  • Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
  • Creating an Asset Library
  • Managing Documents
  • Checking Out Documents
  • Deleting and Restoring Documents
  • Versioning
Module 5

SharePoint Views

  • Default Views
  • Explore Default Views
  • Custom Views
  • How to Create a Custom View
  • Sharing Views
Module 6

Site Pages

  • The Home Page
  • Modifying the Home Page
  • Saving and Publishing Changes
  • Adding a Page
  • Managing Pages
  • Restoring Pages and Versioning
Module 7

Site Templates

  • Blog
  • Project Site
  • Document Centre
  • Basic Search Centre
  • SAP Workflow Site
Module 8

Building a Site Page

  • Overview of a Site Page
  • Adding Text and Images
  • Adding Links and Embedding Video
  • Adding Documents and Galleries
  • Highlighted Content
  • News
  • Adding a Map
  • Charts
  • Adding a Yammer Feed
Module 9

Building a Wiki Page

  • Adding a Wiki Library
  • Adding a Wiki Page
  • Inserting Text
  • Text Layout
  • Adding Tables
  • Adding Images and Video
  • Adding Links
  • Embedding Content

Skype for Business

Module 1

Getting Started with Skype for Business

  • Navigate the Skype for Business App
  • Add a New Contact
  • Send an Instant Message
  • Start a Video Call
  • Start a New Meeting
Module 2

Organise & Manage an Online Meeting

  • Choose the Right People for your Meeting
  • Scheduling Your Online Meeting
  • Plan the Online Meeting Agenda
  • Run the Online Meeting
  • Work Through Your Online Meeting Tasks
Module 3

Managing Contacts

  • Creating and Managing Groups
  • Adding External Contacts
  • Setting Privacy Relationships
  • Adding Participants to a Call
  • Contact List Options
Module 4

Team Collaborating

  • Uploading Attachments for a Meeting
  • Setting Permissions on a File
  • Managing Presentations
  • Using Whiteboard
  • Using Polls
  • Recording a Meeting
  • Playing a Recorded Meeting


Module 1

Getting Started with Sway

  • Navigate the Sway App
  • Create a New Sway
  • Add Content to Your Sway
  • Change the Look and Feel of Your Sway
  • Present and Share Your Sway


Module 1

Getting Started with Teams

  • Overview of Microsoft Teams
  • Personalising Your Profile
  • Managing Your Notifications
  • Managing Your Favourites
  • Filtering Your Activity Feed
  • Using the Microsoft Teams Desktop App
  • Using the Microsoft Teams Mobile App
Module 2

Understanding Teams

  • Overview of a Team
  • Creating a New Team
  • Managing Team Membership
  • Editing Team Settings
  • Setting a Team Owner(s)
  • Finding, Joining or Leaving Teams
Module 3

Understanding Channels

  • Overview of a Channel
  • Creating a New Channel
  • Editing and Deleting Channels
  • Keeping Up To Date With a Channel
  • Using Connectors in Channels
  • Adding Tabs in Channels
Module 4

Collaboration and Meetings

  • Different Collaboration Methods
  • Understanding Chat Conversations
  • Start a New Conversation
  • Sharing Documents and Files
  • Making Calls to Others
  • Holding a Live Team Meeting
  • Scheduling a Meeting
  • Joining a Scheduled or Live Meeting
  • Manage Your Audio and Video Settings in a Meeting


Module 1

Getting Started with Video

  • Navigate the Video App
  • Find and Watch a Video
  • Upload a Video
  • Create a Channel

Word Online

Module 1

Getting Started with Word Online

  • Navigate the Word Online App
  • Create a New Document
  • Add Content to Your Document
  • Share and Collaborate on Your Document
  • Print and Download Your Document
Module 2

Word Essentials

  • Editing Text In Documents
  • Inserting Tables & Objects
  • Switching between Word Online and Desktop
  • Commenting on a Document
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Working with Documents from OneDrive
  • Copy & Paste Formatting
  • DropBox and Word Online


Module 1

Getting Started with Yammer

  • Navigating the Yammer App
  • Find and Join a Group
  • Post an Update
  • Respond to an Update
  • Create a Group
  • Keep up to Date
Module 2

Yammer Fundamentals

  • Editing Your Profile
  • Managing Notifications
  • Yammer Desktop Notifications
  • Yammer for Mobile
Module 3

Groups in Yammer

  • Creating Groups
  • Public Vs Private Groups
  • Group Administration
  • Group Logo
  • Creating Announcements
  • Pinning Content
  • Marking Content
  • Deleting Messages
  • Inviting People to a Group
Module 4

Conversations in Yammer

  • Starting a Conversation
  • Liking a Message
  • Following a Conversation
  • Bookmarking a Conversation
  • Adding Topics
  • Posting a Document File
  • Attaching Files or Notes
  • Sending a Private Message
  • Praising Team Members
  • Using Polls
Module 5

Collaborating in Yammer

  • Creating a Note for Group Participation
  • Editing a Note
  • Adding a Link to a Person
  • Linking to a URL
  • Uploading a File
  • Linking to a File in a Note
  • Versioning in Notes
  • Deleting a Note
Module 6

Files in Yammer

  • Sharing Flies Internally and Externally
  • Following a File
  • Previewing a File
  • Adding your Comments to a File
  • Adding Related Content to a File
  • Uploading a New File