Appdopt had a great ride!

Just over two years ago, we set out to create something very unique to help users adopt workplace technology in short bite sized learning videos, available in a light weight business application that would be loved and shared.

Along this journey we created a comprehensive application, across web and mobile devices with interactive and engaging videos that helped prove users need help adopting technology and will continue to do, for some time anyway.

We have been really proud of what we built and we have been approached many times to try to either bend our platform to work with another solution or host learning that was not really associated with the workplace.

Although we knew that we were on to something, we realised that businesses needed a combination of guided learning, together with expert advice and a community to engage and interact with, including technology users outside of their own business.

After discussing a number of potential options, it became clear that we needed to have more in our offering and we therefore decided to start looking at business membership organisations who could leverage Appdopt. Very recently we have engaged with a business that has set out a clear plan and strategy that will include the best of Appdopt’s features under its new platform roll out, as part of their ongoing road map.

The focus now is to create the best business support platform that’s out there and as part of the development roadmap, bring in e-learning and much of the key content and focus that Appdopt had at its core.

Whilst all of the team are excited to be part of something even bigger, we have found ourselves consumed with the development of a new platform due to go live in 2018.

Therefore we have decided to conclude the current Appdopt platform service and from April 2018, this will no longer be available.

We hope you continue to enjoy technology, as its in place to enable us to do more (once you get your head around it…… of course)!

The Appdopt Team