Partner With Appdopt To Drive Digital Transformation

The Partnership was simple and easy to setup, within 2 months we had opened up new opportunities and completely widened our offering. The team at Appdopt are great at understanding your business – Microsoft Partner

Fill out the form to receive a virtual demo, we will work closely with you to understand your client’s needs, so together we can provide real value to your customers.

Appdopt will

  1. Widen your offering to your clients
  2. Retain seats on Microsoft & Office 365
  3. Lower support tickets
  4. Add another revenue stream to your organisation

& Appdopt will provide support to you and your team to help you get started.

The Appdopt Partner Programme is a great way of opening up new business opportunities, get in touch or request pricing.

Our partners

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Typical Partner Engagements

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Proof Of Concepts
Give clients confidence and how the value of Office 365
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Pilot Programmes
Pilot Office 365 and Appdopt can support your end users
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IT Support
Reduce IT support requests and empower users
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Training Packages
Improve Office 365 retention and avoid losing seats
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Digital Strategies
Support your clients digital strategies and transformation
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New Software
Drive technology adoption and build user confidence
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Pre Deployment
Ensure deployment success we pre team training
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Post Deployment
Support users in their ongoing technology adoption journey
1000's of bitesize videos
Over 40+ digital applications
Join 100's of happy users
New content every week

Benefits Of Appdopt

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FREE Support
Get free unlimited support, so we are here on demand to help you drive adoption.
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Social Learning
Share learning with your colleagues and provide them with direct access to learning content.
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Module Library
Search our extensive and growing library of Learning Modules and Productivity Tips.
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Learning is kept short and simple so you can watch bitesize videos and be on with your day.
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Take a Quiz
Take short format quizzes and set a pass mark, so you can test your users and their learning.
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Run Campaigns
Run Adoption Campaigns and target users so you direct them to specific learning.
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Your Content
Work with Appdopt to have your learning content sitting side by side with ours.
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Branded Portals
Branding the Appdopt platform provides users with comfort when seeing your company logo.
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HTML Emails
Send beautifully formatted HTML emails and track all email events, like opens and click throughs.
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Unlimited Usage
Users have unlimited bandwidth, so they can watch and consume training as they see fit.
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New Content
Content is updated regularly, so you can benefit from a growing list of learning resources.
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Regular Updates
The platform development roadmap means new features are added every quarter.
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Let’s work together to provide
technology adoption for your clients

Let's partner up

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?

We will be in touch just before your trial ends if you’re happy we will enable your account and set you up with the plan that suits you.

How do I pay?

We offer a number of payment methods so you can choose the one that works best for you. These include Direct Debit, Credit Card, BACs and more.

Do I have to pay annually?

Certainly not, but all plans are discounted by 20% if paid annually, so it’s entirely up to you.

How do I cancel?

You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time by letting us know via email or phone.

What about refunds?

If you’re on a monthly payment plan, you’ll only pay for the remainder of the month that you cancel, whereas for annual payment plans, we do not offer a refund. Learn more about our terms of service.

Do you offer NFP or Education pricing?

We sure do and wholly support these sectors, so please get in touch and we can help you further. (Charity number or Edu status will need to be provided).

Are there any application limits?

You can use our app as much or as little as you want. There’s no limit to how many campaigns you can run, videos you watch or how many emails you can send.

How does support work?

If you need more help once you’re up and running, you can raise as many support tickets as you need, all from within the app.

What about my data?

We do not sell or pass on your data at any time, you are in good hands. We may send you info about Appdopt, but you can opt out at any time. Learn more about our terms of service.

How do I pay for the app and custom content?

We will invoice you monthly or annually for the app (depending on which plan you chose), we will always invoice custom content separately.

What is Onboarding and How Long Does it Take?

Generally, onboarding takes about 30 mins and it’s designed towards helping you get the best out of our application. We can even set up a dummy campaign, it’s delivered remotely and best of all, it’s totally free.