What do digital skills &
technology adoption mean to you?

Appdopt can help your business with digital skills training for many of the common workplace scenarios that we come across... and even more!

New software roll out and ensuring adoption success

We aim to take the pain out of introducing new software by aligning to your business early and helping shape the outcomes with our e Learningapplication software and extensive digital delivery experience.

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Supplement or streamline current software training

Supplement your classroom training or alternatively streamline your training costs altogether, either waybreak the monotony of corporate training by empowering your teams with a flexible and interactive microlearning experience.

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Onboarding and training new people

Let us support your Onboarding process by helping your new employees get to grips with your business applications by engaging them from the beginning with a rich and intuitive user experience.

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Reducing reliance on internal IT teams

Appdopt is aimed at supporting those individuals who need assistance with the technology. This approach will help pre-empt support calls or tickets, reducing the burden on your internal IT teams, letting them get on with other key tasks.

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Consistency for teams using the same applications

“He does it this way” and “she does it that way”, getting everyone on the same page with technology needn’t be a daunting challenge, with Appdopt we show your teams the advantages of doing it the right way.

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